iPad – A Toy or a Tool

I was very excited to have the use of the iPad for the school term and daydreamed about ways I could use the apps for my classwork. Alas, that was not the case.

I came to see the iPad as a great grown-up toy.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved pulling it out whenever I was near a place that had WiFi.  However having huge pockets of time without Internet access was a major drawback, as I couldn’t always sync-up while spending so much time on the bus going back and forth to school.  This time on the bus would have been an excellent time to  polishing up a paper or commenting on a blog.

The other major draw back for me was the limited text editing capability.  Typing on the iPad gave me a huge headache before I finally gave up trying.  It was much easier to edit or type anything requiring more than ten words on my computer or any of the Macs located in building 17. I don’t think I created any work for this class on the iPad.

I did get good mileage out of the iPad for all Media Arts class assignments that required photography. We created a photo journal in my Photography class. The photos for the journal were more like snapshots and I found the portability of the iPad for taking pictures on the days when I didn’t want to lug around my film camera and accessories very handy.  The photos in this blog were taken with the iPad. These types of school assignments were easily accomplished with the camera function.

There were many things I enjoyed about the iPad for personal use.  I came to regard this  as an indispensable part of my lifestyle primarily for the myriad of apps available and its portability.  News, books and research are readily available without a trip to the library.  I also checked my email account frequently. I am making plans to purchase one, but right now I do not think it will be a major part of my school lexicon  as I do not find it robust enough to handle my writing needs.


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